Sunday, August 16, 2009


The weekend brought with it the sun and blue skies. Was lovely to be out pottering around pulling weeds and planting seedings.

DH decided to get creative and made a garden feature out of left over building stones. Looks more like a water fountain hehe. It's 4 tiered with the east and west points a fitting memorial of concrete statues in the form of sleeping angels to DH's father and niece who have both passed on. I want to have something similar on the north and south points that hold special memories of both my grandfathers, not sure what yet but when the time is right something will jump out at me.
I am looking forward to planting the feature up with both edible and non edible plants with lots of colour! I'm trying to convince DH to build another feature hehe.

We also drenched cows and de-nutted some bully calves. A waste of a perfect morning in my opinion but something that needed to be done.
We only have a small heard but it's growing each week with 6 calves born in the past few weeks and more to come. The ratio of female to male is 3:3 at present. Males were dominating though.
I think it's cruel for the cows to be bringing calves into a cold, wet world. I know we as their owners are partly to blame. We should have calculated the birthing month better but this time around we had no control what with the bull jumping fences left, right and centre to have a bit of fun!

Now the weekend is coming to an end. Wondering what the week ahead could bring.

Until next time
smile brightly