Thursday, July 30, 2009


Have you ever done something you shouldn't? Something you'd never have dreamed of doing? Or maybe in the past you'd done something that could be the trigger for you to do something now?

Be it something small and insignificant to many, or huge and could ruin all you have, would you follow your thoughts with actions?

If it's harmless to a point it shouldn't be a bad thing should it? If there is another level to take it to then you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences but what if it makes you happy and gives you a feeling of satisfaction?

Would you share your doings with anyone else? Would you really want to hear someone tell you how negative your doings are? Im sure if you were going to do something you would have glossed over the pros and cons beforehand right?

Is it bad to be just thinking about doing something you know isn't right? Thoughts can't possibly put you in a position where you'd be hurt or hurting someone or something, could they? Actions speak louder then thoughts don't they?

Too many questions huh?

Would love to hear your answers!



Arrrggghhh, some people are plain disgusting!! I ducked into the local supermarket today to fill my depleted fruit and veg basket. I place most produce into the bags provided. I only needed one parsnip so did not use a bag. I go through checkout and the woman behind the register is coughing and spluttering. She coughs into her hand then picks up my parsnip! Noooooooo! I kindly said i didn't want the parsnip now that it had been germed. She looked at me like i was a mad woman! 'You're going to peel the parsnip right? Who's to say someone else hadn't germed it beforehand?' She had a point there. No fruit or veg is safe from germs once it leaves the ground or tree it was growing in/on. But, the saying, 'what you don't know won't hurt you' is so true in this instance. Had i not seen what the woman did, i would have merrily taken the parsnip, prepared it as per normal for dinner and eaten it with gusto. The thought of germs lurking on it would never have crossed my mind!
So i left the parsnip behind. I didn't purchase another, it didn't feel safe lol. I don't know what happened to 'my' parsnip, wether it went into the scrap box or back on the shelf, i will never know.
When i returned home, i scrubbed all the fruit and veg i purchased, wether the skin was edible or not! Paraniod much?!?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Beginnings

The past 10 years has seen me evolve into a person i mostly like. I have my faults as does everyone. I possibly have more then the norm lol. The past 12 months have been turbulent to say the least. I have decided to not dwell on the past. For once in my life i have pushed everything behind me and that's where it is staying! July 1st was aptly named Half Year Resolutions for me. I've made one resolution each day and so far so good. I don't promise i will stay that way but gawd, it's fun trying lol.

There is this great site It's been a saviour for me the last few months. Not only is it about saving cash and doing things to better your finacial freedom but the forum is full of wonderful peole with wonderful advice on every day concerns. I doubt i would have succeded so well in pushing all the negativity behind me had it not been for that site.

Housework is done, my list of things to do today is semi complete, the day has a few more hours in it ;)

Until next time which could be sooner rather then later
smile brightly

What You Don't See

I was chatting with DH's niece last night and a grand chat it was :)

Now i knew she was having a rough time in her life, but after last night i now see her life in a new light! To be honest, it was heartbreaking reading what she is going through. Being family you'd think i'd have the vaugest of ideas of what is happening within her family unit, but nope! Not even DH knows and i'm not going to be the one to tell him. His family is a close knit one and if they want him to know anything they will tell him, or so it used to be. It seems we are out of the loop of late. We live a fair distance from the rest of them but not as far as some families. Anyways, i digress.

Niece is a beautiful soul. For a young lass she is wise beyond her years and dealing with the happenings inside her home is going to age her quicker then she needs to. She has alot of potential in life but i feel she needs encouragment to move forwards. She's says she's not getting that from home and i don't want to step on any toes but will do anything to help her fulfill her dreams and i know Dh will too, just wish she'd open up a bit more! Yes i worry about her, more then any of the nieces and nephews in the fold. I click with her more then the others, it's not favourtism it's just a me thing lol. I hope she can overcome this hurdle without beating herself up to much.

Yawn, it's pay day today, 90% of my hard earned mummies cash is going towards bills. Thankfully Dh has work for the week - he's been out of work for the past 7 weeks - his pay will keep our heads above water for another fortnight.

Until next time
keep smiling

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Newbie Alert

Righto, here i am, new to this side of blogging. The past year has seen me lurk through blogs of all descriptions. Some extremely interesting, others full of stuff that makes me roll my eyes. It's possible some of my writings will make people roll their eyes, so all around it evens things out lol.

Okies, a bit about myself to start the ball rolling. I have started the next decade of my life's journey this year. The big 30 jumped upon me in the middle of Winter. I can't say it feels any different but i have noticed subtle changes to the way i do things. Wether this is part of turning 30 i do not know, but they are changes for the better, well, so far they are!

I am a stay at home mum to 2 darling daughters and 1 sweet son, with 3 adult stepchildren thrown in the mix.

I live a resonably quiet hobby farming life with my husband of 10 years this year! He works away from home 5 days a week. It's tough but over the years i and the children have come to deal with his long absences and certainly make up for lost time when he is home.We run a modest herd of cattle on our farm, multiple breeds from the exquisit Scottish Highland Cows to the simple Herefords with a few others thrown in for good measure. We also have horses. Hubby and DD7 are avid horse riders. Chooks - my lil lassies - goats and a dog. Along with the native wildlife who like to grace us with their presence on the odd occasion.

We are trying to be fully self sufficient. Our vegetable gardens span over an acre at the moment. A wide variety of delicious vegies that normally grow in the right weather, pumpkins, zucchinis, squash, tomatoes, watermelon, corn, cucumber, cabbage and plenty more to feed an army. We also have a paddock the children have fondly named the soup paddock which would contain peas, beans, potaotes, carrots and more corn along with plenty more seeds to be sown after the wet weather has passed on.We have the beginings of an orchard too with a magnificant 6 year old fig tree and a struggling quince tree.

I have a few hobbies. Photography is this years passion. I carry the camera in my pocket at all times. I am snap happy and take anywhere from 1 photo to 100 photos a day. I thank the soul who invented the Digital Camera!

I shall stop my ramblings here, it has just gone 10.30am. I can hear the dreaded call of housework! Time to procrastinate me thinks hehe.

Until next time,
smile brightly