Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Once again the weekend has come to a close. DH was home for both days this weekend. We lit the last of the bonfires and the paddocks are looking better now the fallen branches and leaves are gone. They are also looking lush and green! The week of sunshine we had has given them a boost and the cows will be delighted to munch it.

Took a trailer load of rubbish to the tip. Lucky for us the closest tip is still free for dumping, although we are cautious with what we dump, don't want to be adding to the landfill too much.

We got the chemical container out and started attacking the Salvation Jane (Pattersons Curse). This is the only time we use chemicals in the garden/paddocks. Apart from digging SJ up, bagging it then sweltering it for a few weeks, there is no other option but posioning it. In 9 years we have managed to clear half of what was growing, not a bad effort.

The kids made the most of the sunshine and played outdoors for the most of both days. DD9 has taken to riding my bike. Apparently hers isn't big enough for her, i can understand, she's only cm's off being as tall as me! They took the dog for a run and wore him out. Played in the sandpit, annoyed each other as siblings do and generally stayed out of trouble where they could.

Had an unexpected but lovely visit from the SIL. Well, we knew she was coming, we were asked to send out a search party if she hadn't arrived within 3 hours, it only takes an hour to get here lol. I say unexpected though as it's been a few years since she's visited, but that's another story and quite a boring one hehe. It was just nice to have her here and DH's smile said it all :)

Well, this post is not the best, it's all over the place and doesn't flow right so i'll leave it here.

Until next time

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not Over-reacting??

Well, in my mind i wasn't over-reacting, and even now, 2 hours after it's happened i can't say i would have done or said anything different.

I was driving down the track after picking the DD's up from the school bus. My neighbours property starts at the corner and in their paddock was a bonfire that had been going since this morning. It was smoking alot which is nothing unusal as i swear the neighbour doesn't know how to light bonfires properly lol. What caught my eye was flames on the outside of the fence line a fair distance away from the bonfire. There's alot of undergrowth around especially along the fences where the mowers/slashers can't get to and neighbour hasn't completley slashed his paddock so there is still alot of dry bracken/grass in places. I went to see if neighbour was home to let him know, nope, not home. Grabbed a couple of buckets of water and went back up track to put the flames out. They were about knee height and had crept out further. I doused them then went back for more water as the scrub on the inside of the fence had taken off too. I went back a 3rd time to get water and was about to drive into the paddock when neighbour came home. I told him what i was doing, DD9 backed me up with what i said as she had helped me douse the flames. His response may aswell as been Meh, whatever and he walked off to take the buckets back where they came from, didn't go and check the fire! Grrrr i was ropeable then and so was DD9, if looks could kill she certainly would have shot neighbour down lol. I spoke to Neighbour's wife and she just hung her head in shame and said thanks for what we did. I told her, for the millionth time, they shouldn't leave the property if they've got bonfires happening no matter how insignificant they may be. It's been dry here for the past 4 days, the wind had picked up late this afternoon.... i said alot more as the anger was rising but it was only falling on deaf ears so i left.

What really gets me is his attitude to the situation. They were the ones who pushed for the community to have regular fire safety meetings when they moved out to the bush and what he has done just proves he's taken no notice of those meetings. I don't care that they had visitors from America who they took sight-seeing, the fire should never have been lit if they knew they weren't going to be home to tend to it!

Grrrrrrrr, there is nothing more for me to say without wanting to throttle the guy! I still believe i wasn't over-reacting. There is enough dry scrub around to have caused a major fire, had it kept travelling down the fence line it would have met our property which hasn't been slashed yet and has 2 year old haybales scattered around the place!

I think i'm done :P

Until next time
it's better to over-react then do nothing

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The past 2 days have been glorious! The sun has shone brightly and the sky has been a deep blue. It's been awhile since i've seen both. While i appreciate the rain Mother Nature has been freely giving my part of the country, i think it's time she moved on to a more rain needy part of Oz and let my back lawn and paddocks dry out a bit. There is only so much mud i can walk ankle deep in lol.

I gave in and did a majority of Fred's Work yesterday (refer to previous blog if you don't know who Fred is lol). I did a little more today too. It's a huge task but looks great when finished, until it needs to be done again.

I weeded around the roses bushes. They are looking extremely healthy and should be in bloom in the next couple of weeks. I started weeding around the Iris's. They too are ready to pop their buds. I only have 2 different colours, a purple and a maroon. Will have to organise myself to get more varieties.

Hold on, DS4 hears a plane, I'll be back ........................ lol, he has a thing with planes, we often see the crop dusters fly over as they spray the pine trees and one particular plane dips his wings and flashes his lights when passing over if the kids are outside. Just then though, it wasn't the plane, it was a crop dusting helicopter! Not seen one of them over this way before. How excited was DS4, waving like a crazy child lol. I managed to get a photo so we can prove to DH it did come over lol.

Okies, where was i? Ah yes, after the weeding i planted cherry tomato plants, lettuces, capsicums and an eggplant plant. Not in the formal veggie beds though. I have an area along a wall outside the front verandah that has a wallflower bush and lavenders. They have been there for about 3 years and although they haven't died the certainly aren't propspering. Could be not enough sunlight hits the garden bed or the soil is just poor. I tend to look after my veggie plants better then any other plant so hopefully the lavenders will pick up now as i'll be constantly out there willing the tomatoes to grow.

Until next time
how does your garden grow?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Rant

This random rant is about a person i shall name Fred.
I have over the past few weeks asked Fred to assist me in a job i shall call Work lol
Work will be of monetary benefit to Fred and it could become ongoing if Fred does Work properly.
Fred half heartedly agreed to my last request but has not followed through with it. I could hold off for a little longer but who knows if Fred is going to commit so i am about to do it myself.
I could have done Work weeks ago, well i did, but Work requires upkeep and Fred is experienced in this field, again, many of us have the knowledge and ability to do Work but i thought i'd give Fred the chance to earn some cash as Fred has mentioned not having money to spare lately.
Wouldn't you think, if Fred needs cash, and Work is what Fred does best and Fred has done Work for others recently, Fred would jump at the chance to do my Work?!?!
It makes me mad that Fred sometimes whines about not having spare cash but won't help Fred's self to earn it. I honestly didn't think Fred was like that!
Okies, rant over

Until next time
the only way to get something done is do it yourself ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

House Hunting

The past few weeks have seen DH and i trawl through real-estate websites searching for a new place to call home. It's an exciting procedure but also very frustrating. We both have different thoughts on what we are looking for. DH want's alot of acerage, multiple sheds and a house that can be done up. I would like a modest amount of acerage with a house that doesn't need too much work done to it, the reason being, DH works away from home and the home we live in now hasn't had alot of tender loving care giving to it!

Over the weekend we traveled 4 hours to inspect a potential home. The photo's we'd seen from the realtor made us fall in love with the whole package. Disappointment set in fast though :( It wasn't quite a disaster zone, yes it could be saved if we worked hard and put alot more money into it but that was the least of our worries.

So now it's back to the hunting and it's more frustrating! It seems in one week the housing market has disappeared! Places that were of interest are under contract and 99% of the time that means sold. New places have too many negatives from our list of pros and cons. We are not that fussy, really lol.

While the hunting continues, the home we are in is still on the market. Fingers still crossed it sells quickly but from now i am taking one day at a time and not getting my hopes up :)

Until next time

Monday, October 12, 2009

Word Power

Is there one word that makes you feel safe and secure?

If that word is held back does the world fall apart around you?

Do you feel lost and unable to regain your path until you hear that one special word?

Why is it, one small insignificant - when said on it's own - word can mean the end of so much happiness when not said in the usual context you know so well?

When finally the word is said, do you feel a great sense of relief?

Does the person, be it lover, parent, child, friend, who gave this word so much meaning, know the traumatic events you go through when the word is not given?

Are you the owner of a word that makes someone feel safe and secure?

Something to ponder if you wish.

Until next time

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This morning i woke up with a new lease on life!

After attacking the usual household chores i made a start on freshly painting the girls room, or more so just painting. The gyprock has been up for awhile but no further progress lol. I went for off white as it's clean and any decor will go with it. We split the bunk beds and now each DD has her own space. All other furniture was put back in it's rightful place although we can't seem to find a spot for the book case and they have loads of books!

The pantry is coming along. I've filled another box of useless items (for me) for the op shop. Starting to see the bench in there and the food shelf is ready to be filled this week when i do my OAM grocery shop. I'm thinking of repainting the pantry walls, will see how much off white i have left over, or maybe a soft yellow if i can find some in the many paint pots we have stacked in the shed!

The verandah is nearly done too. Because it's an enclosed verandah it's got windows and a glass sliding door. If my memory is correct, i've washed those windows twice in 9 years! Well, now it's 3 times lol. Looks sooo fresh and clean with sparkling windows, i really should do it every 3 weeks. The carpet has been vaccumed and i am stacking boxes neatly so there is no clutter and spaces for slippery critters to roam about.

On the agenda tomorrow is DS room. He has half purple half blue walls at the moment lol. All blue would suit him better i thinks! Not alot of furniture in his room, he needs the floor space to drive his cars and trains around.

Off to bed now, the school week starts again.

Until next time
look at life through clean windows ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not doing the Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

It's just not worth it! I can't turn back time, no matter how hard i close my eyes and wish away the day's happenings. The stress isn't worth it and i hope with all my heart it's not stressing my loved ones, these things happen and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, so to speak, happens at the most inconvienient times. Meh, it's a learning experience on my behalf and anyone else who want's to see it that way too.

Righto, finally today i was able to bake! I haven't had the use of an oven for what feels like an eternity. I have missed whipping up a batch of muffins to devour with the family over a mid morning cuppa. I've really missed baking my Mum's exceptionaly yummy chocolate cake. It is sooo moist, chocolatey and simple to bake. Once you fill it with jam and cream and ice it, what more could you ask for lol. Anyways, the spare part came through and DH fitted it within half an hour, easy peasy! I baked 2 batches of apple and sultana muffins, yummo! Tomorrow i will go on a baking frenzy, looks like the freezer is going to be bulging at the seams lol.

Well, it's past 10pm, i've had an exhausting day. My bed is calling and i know when i awake in the morning, the day will be new, fresh and everything will be behind me, i am moving forward.

Until next time