Thursday, March 10, 2011

Master 5's Flower Garden

Master 5 wanted to plant a flower garden late last year.

Hubby built him a planter box from recycled materials (oh how we love our recycled stuff :D )We then took him to Bunnings and let him choose his flowers. They didn't have a huge selection back in October but he settled with some pretty purple ones, petunia's perhaps?

He prepared, planted and watered then tended to them weekly and the flowers have flourished right up til now. From 6 plants he got a mass of purple :) He's one happy chappy and is asking when he can pull them out and plant a different coloured flower lol.

Until next time
Happy Gardening

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Harvest time.

My mum's vegie garden is flourishing. I enjoy going out there with the harvest basket. There's just something peaceful about wandering around the vegie patch seeking out all sorts of goodies.

Today's harvest consisted of potatoes and corn. Not just any corn though, Pop Corn! It's the 1st time we've tried our hand at growing popcorn and i think i can safely say we've had a successful run with it this year, although, we will have to wait and see how well it pops and tastes, hopefully in 3 or so weeks.

The potatoes had been in the ground for quite awhile, near on 3 years, so were needing to be dug up. They're from the Diggers Catalogue, Gourmet Variety. We planted 4 different varieties but i can only see 2. We haven't cooked with them yet.

Along with zuchinis, cherry tomatoes and green beans, this weeks menu is looking yum :)

Until next time