Monday, May 28, 2012

New family members

Our home is turning into a zoo lol On Saturday i took hubby and the munchkins to Melbourne for a spontaneous day trip. I returned home with hubby and the munchkins along with 2 hens, 3 pullets, 4 chickens, 2 ducklings and a bunny rabbit! It was a noisey car trip lol So, without further ado, meet our new additions :)






                        Annabelle, Bessiebelle, Isobelle (aka The Belle sisters)

                                          No named chicks

The chicks are nameless as we don't know the gender of them yet. Our luck they'll all be roosters lol Not too sure on the ducklings either but names were wanted so if there's any identity crisis down the track, blame the munchkins ;) Etta has already rewarded us with an egg both Sunday and today, Monday :) Until next time ~x~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

B1 celebrated her 12th birthday on Wednesday and again on Saturday :) It's the normal way of celebrating around here as the weekends are the only time the Man of the House is home but if your birthday falls on a weekend then you only get one celebration ;) Wednesday nights festivites were quiet. Presents were opened and marveled over followed by a homecooked meal then an icecream birthday cake for dessert. We had many laughs with the candles. Everytime B1 blew them out they'd light up again and again. It wasn't until i looked at the candle packaging did we realize they were re-igniting ones! Saturday B1 was surprised by her grandparents (who live about 3 hours away) driving down the road with balloons and birthday banners stuck all over their car. We had a bonfire with loads of food and drinks and celebrated into the wee hours of the morning with family and neighbours. 3 of the neighbouring kids slept over so there was lots of giggling and very little sleeping. The grandparents stayed over too so a good night had by all :) Until next time ~x~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Buffy Dog

I haven't done an update on Buffy the dog for a long time. She's now 7 months old and still growing! She shouldn't grow much more taller but a little more filling out would be ideal. She eats like a horse then runs it all off so she's looking a little on the skinny side under her shaggy coat. B2 loves her to death which is great because i don't have to feed, exercise or clean up after her like i do with all the other animals around here that i didn't ask for lol. Speaking of the other animals, we've lost the rabbits. Someone left the cage unlatched. Luckily the guinea pigs stayed put. The rabbits were wild to begin with so i'm not too disappointed they've gone. They weren't the most playful pets we've had. Pigsy the big pig is just that lol. She's eating, wallowing and snorting her days away. She's 15 months old and begging for a boar to assist her needs. We may have to buy a young one. We've had no luck with finding one to lease around this area. The chooks are destined for the pot. I've not had eggs from then since February. I've tried threatening them and left the axe standing in their yard. They're ex battery hens so i guess after 2 years of being free from the battery and free ranging on the farm and now here they've finally settled into complete retirement. We also has pet yabbies. Funny characters they are. The lid to their tank is firmly on so no midnight escapes for them! Until next time ~x~