Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Purr Purr Meow

I'm a little more knowledgeable today!
I was reading through a forum thread earlier, talking about wee wipes. A stop to using toilet paper. Fair enough, not only does it save on the cost of loo paper, it helps the environment. A few less trees will be cut down if you use cloths! Yes that's right, cloth wipes. No different from what most mums use when changing baby's nappy - a 'face' washer - then throw it in with the normal washing, hang out to dry and start over again. Of course you'd have a nice stock pile, not just the one!

During the discussion i was enlightened as to what a Merkin was. No, not the designer brand of handbag! I must have been under a boulder the day these merkins became fashionable. I pride myself in knowing the unknown before it becomes a trend but these i'd never heard of before. Of course, i had to google it, google is this housewife's best friend! Oh i had to chuckle! What will they think of next! A toupee for the pubic region!

Laughter aside, there are some perfectly good reasons why a person of either gender would wear a merkin. They protect actors inadvertently performing full-frontal nudity. Combat pubic lice. Back in the old days male actors could wear them to hide they were male!
Now days you can get these in all sort of designs. Bejewelled, hot pink, full of flowers, pirate patched lol.

So, that was the exciting part of my day. The remainder consisted of general housework, toilet training the young Master of the home and surfing the net. Oh i did plant up some vegie seeds in seedraising mix. I'll keep them inside for a few weeks at night, letting them have their daily dose of Vitamin D during the day and hopefully they'll be up and ready to plant out in the beds by the time the last frosts have been at the begining of Spring.

Until next time
may the sun smile down on you