Monday, November 28, 2011

Out with the old...

... In with the new.

Hubby is a long time interstate truck driver. All the trucks he has steered have been late model, neat and tidy, old faithfuls. Until last week that is. He's now driving a brand new extra shiny truck! And has taken on all the worries that go with it lol.

The older trucks had wear and tear. No shiny bits as those parts had either been scratched, dented or buffed within an inch of their life to try to get their shine back lol Any rattles were taken in the drivers stride. Road dirt wasn't worried about until the end of the working week when the truck got a proper bath.
Now, if there's a small bug smeared across the duco it's out with the shammy to clear it off asap! All problems are instantly reported to the boss and documented so the blame doesn't fall back on hubby. It's total paranoia on hubby's behalf lol

I told him to ask for an old truck again otherwise he's going to go grey before his time! ;)

Here's the 2 trucks. Old and New.

Only a slight difference on the outside. A little wider and higher. More lights (i don't know what the obsession with lights is!), fancier smoke stacks, and shiny, shiny, shiny. The inside (no pics) is huge! You can walk around in the bunk, there's overhead cupboards, there's a lot of distance in between the drivers seat and passenger seat. Carpet on the floor. Very nice. Whereas the old truck you had to clamber over the fridge to get to the bed and there were no storage areas.

As far as trucks go, it's alright ;) I'm a MACK truck girl myself so not jumping with joy over this one!

Until next time

Monday, November 14, 2011

B2's garden is growing.

B2 recieved a gardening book for her birthday a few months ago titled How Does My Garden Grow. It's a basic childs gardening book with bright photos and simple instructions with the odd bit of educational information that came in handy for a school project she did.

B2 has decided to work her way through the book to try and grow everything pictured. Right now she has corn and potatoes planted (at the end of August she did her planting). The soil is pretty poor here. We do give a liquid fertilizer each fortnight but the soil really needs to have loads of compost and manure dug through it. So, the corn is suffering but the spuds are blooming.

I'll let the photos tell the story :)

Until next time
Happy Gardening

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My munchkins

I've not really introduced you to my darling munchkins. I've blogged about them but no formal intros. So here they are. Known simply as B1, B2 and B3. No, they don't wear blue stripped pyjama's ;) And no, they're names aren't original but it works for me on my blog.

B1 is my gorgeous 1st born 11 year old daughter who is a girly girl and wise beyond her young years.

B2 is my adorable 10 year old daughter who has a love for animals. Her bedroom looks like a zoo sometimes!

B3 is my much awaited handsome 6 year old little man. Obsessed with anything that has wheels and makes nosie.

There ya have it. My litle family :)

Until next time