Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitchen cupboards are here

I've been rabbiting on about my new kitchen cupboards for some time so it's about time i showed you what they look like.

I'm not 100% sure they will stay in the position they are in. My interior decorator (my mum) can't visit as quick as i'd like her to, so i've had to rely on my own skills. Yes it's my house and i will have things how i want them but i always value my mum's opnion. Her house is beautiful, featuring in a few home and decorating magazines so as far as i'm concerned, she knows what she's talking about when it comes to turning a house into a home ;)
My new kitchen cupboards (from the Fleur range) were cluttering my home as we'd picked them up from Geelong over a period of a few weeks (i still have more furniture to come!) so the man of the house and i have arranged them to where we think they will serve their purpose well and i've started filling them. If mum has a different and more useable idea then i'll move them. it's easy done lol I only have 3 walls i can put them against, the joys of living in such a small space!

There are some modifications that need doing. My builder, aka my dad will be taking charge of these. I need a cupboard built around the oven and a bench on top where the stove top will sit. The cupboard that the tv is sitting on will be where the sink goes. This requires cutting a hole for it and i'll loose the use of one drawer but the cupboard (cheaper than the original ticket price as it's damaged) was purchased with this in mind. A corner cupboard or something similar is needed between the two cupboards on the left hand side of the 3rd photo so it becomes more enclosed and we can't see what's happening in the little passage way we have now created behind the cupboard that leads to the bathroom.

It's a huge work in progress but i can see it will be just perfect when it's done :)

Until next time

Friday, July 13, 2012

Boo :)

Hmmm. What to blog? I guess i just want to say Hi, i'm still here ;)

It's been rather quiet around here the past few weeks.

The munchkins are on school holidays. B1 spent the 1st week of the holidays at a friends house near Melbourne and had a fantastic time.

The man of the house spent near on 2 weeks trucking around QLD.

I had a birthday as did our little neighbour so we celebrated with a bonfire and neighbours.

It's been raining on and off, more on than off lol The garden is drenched but flourishing, both vegie plants and weeds.

The animals are happily waddling around in mud and eating more grass then their tummy's can hold.

School resumes this coming Monday. As much as i love having the munchkins home and enjoying their love and laughter i am looking forward to having the days to myself again. I think because we didn't have a family holiday or just a weekend away together, and the weather hasn't been favourable, we're over being in confined quarters and the munchkins are wanting to see all their school friends.

Until next time