Thursday, July 25, 2013


Another month slips by! I have wanted to blog but I've been keeping a secret for a couple of months and me being me, find it hard to keep my own secrets lol, I can keep everyone elses secrets, just not my own. I can now let you in on this news but not just yet, I have other stuff to blog ;)

The munchkins had a quiet and relaxing 2 weeks of school holidays. Amusing themselves at home, playing together without the usual sibling fighting! We did visit my family for a couple of days, enjoying some much wanted op shopping, coffee at a gorgeous café, birthday celebrations for B3 and myself (my mum sure knows how to make us feel like we don't need to eat for a month after visiting her lol) and general catching up on all the happenings with everyone.

My brother, Jamal, has been selected to represent Australia (proud sister moment right here :) ) at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games which are being held in Newcastle, NSW, in December this year. He's one of 2 athletes from Mount Gambier who will be participating. Currently all the Aussie team members are individually fundraising to help cover their costs of getting to and participating in the games. Each member has the same fundraising goal, all monies will cover things like travel, athlete insurance, uniforms, participation fees etc. If you have a spare $ to help Jamal reach his goal it would be greatly appreciated by him and our family or you could simply leave a message of support and cheer here on my blog and i'll pass it on :)

We built a new letter box. Our other one was slightly on the small side and not too weather proof. Our new one is huge and no water gets in. It's made from the top of a rubbish bin (thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, although it was a recycled paper only bin). I think it would look good if we could get 3 more in different colours and replace the neighbours boxes that stand alongside ours.

Miss Pigsy had another litter of piglets. I know, it wasn't meant to happen this soon but the boar couldn't be contained. Luckily for me, there were no complications and Miss Pigsy is such a great mother this time round. 3 more weeks and we should be able to wean them off mum and this time we'll be putting a GREATER distance between boar and sow! I'm waiting on the ear tags to arrive so we can send the 1st lot of piglets to the sale yards, currently we have 17 pigs of varying ages and my gosh, they eat a lot!

Check out this mushroom our neighbour collected while out mushrooming. It's bigger then a dinner plate! Very edible but this one was destined for show and tell at school with B3. I've never seen one so big before, the munchkins wondered how many fairies would have lived under it! I do hope the fairies were able to find another home ;)


Hmmm, I guess I should tell you my news. We're moving! Only 10kms down the road and around the corner hehe. We've purchased a farmlet, 40 acres in size with a 4 bedroom house, stables, sheds, tanks, paddocks and more, everything we could ask for. I can't tell you how excited the kids are, they'll each have their own room with walls and doors! After living in this small open plan church with very little privacy and it will be a welcome change. We're keeping the church and will renovate it properly which will be much easier while not living here. It'll become a holiday house of sorts for us when I need to get away from the farm lol or visitors if they choose. The man of the house is looking forward to being a hobby farmer as am I. I'll have calves to rear again, be able to take in orphan lambs, have a huge orchard and vegie patch! So many ideas and drawings have been thrown around. Settlement is at the end of this month so only a few days and we'll be able to slowly move things in. The good thing about keeping the church is the extra storage and we don't have to rush about packing and moving :)

Until next time