Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was let out of the house today lol. Being so far from town and the rising costs of fuel, i don't get out and about too often. I do 100kms a week just to and from the bus stop!

So today i travelled across the border into the next State. I don't head into town without a plan of attack. I have limited time as the clock goes back half an hour when i cross the border meaning i have to wait that half hour before any shops open and i need to be back home in time to get DD's from the school bus.

My plan for the day was to do a little grocery shopping and then chill with my folks, nothing major.
I missed seeing my younger sister as she left for school before i arrived at the family home. Normally i'd get to chat with her for 5 minutes but either she was early or i was late. I was a little disappointed, i don't see her often and i miss her like crazy but don't tell her that lol.
I briefly chatted with my younger brother before he was whisked off to school. I miss him too and wish i could be there for him alot more. He causes me grief lol but he's loveable!

My mum and i did the grocery shopping as early as possible then we headed back to the family home for coffee, chatting and laughter. My dad was home for the day so he amused my DS4 who was in his element having Poppy all to himself.

Although i didn't 'do' anything as such, just being in the family home with my folks made me feel at peace for the day. I always had this notion when you went visiting, no matter who it was, you would talk, talk, talk and drink loads of coffee or head out to a cafe or shopping and do the same thing. I've come to learn to appreciate to quiet times in life and spending that time with the family makes it more appealing.
I haven't always had such a perfect relationship with my mum. I moved out of home at 17 under regretful circumstances but it has made our mother/daughter bond stronger. I couldn't handle physically spending more then 2 days straight with my mum lol, we clash too much but i enjoy chatting to her every day if not twice a day. I can see my eldest daughter growing up to have the same relationship with me. She is so much like me and i would love to have the patience and loving warmth with her as she grows older as my mum has with me.
Until next time
Keep your family close to your heart