Thursday, February 25, 2010

What side of the bed... you sleep on and why?

Hubby and i were having this discussion late one night after yet again he refused to move to his side of the bed.

In the 10 years we have been together i have nearly always slept on the right hand side of the bed (if you're standing at the foot of the bed looking at it). The only time i haven't is in certain motels of cabins. Why would this be so? The one and only logical reason we could come up with, is it's the side closest to the door and being a mother i am the one who keeps an ear open while sleeping so i can hear if the kids wake in the night.

We tried fooling this theory. We visulised the sides our parents, siblings, any relation and friend slept on. There was only one exception, hubby's sister, but we then realized she does sleep on the right hand side, it's the door that is on the wrong side lol.

We even mentally rearranged the bedrooms, placing the beds against a different wall but it was always the same, female on right side of the bed.

We thought maybe if you were a left-handed person it might change but no, not the case. Admittidly, we couldn't think of more then 5 lefty's lol

So, i ask, could there be another answer as to why a majority of females slep on the right side of the bed? Let me know if there is, it's an ongoing topic in this home.

Until next time
sleep comfortably

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Miss Floss and Miss Mogs had their 1st bucking bull ride on the weekend. Fortunately it was one of those mechanical bulls and when you get thrown off you fall onto a soft air filled cushion.

Miss Mogs was on 1st. Her 'bull' was docile, some slow spins and easy bucks. Lucky for her as she is such a petite girl. She fell off twice but was grinning from ear to ear each time lol.

Miss Floss was up next. Being taller and more robust, her 'bull' became more fiesty as the ride went on. Started off slow and tame to get her used to it then when 'he' realized she wasn't going anywhere too soon he got bucking and swaying. She was wizzed left, then sharply right, thrown back then lurched forwards (not as forceful as it sounds lol) After 5 minutes the 'bull' was rightly annoyed and when Miss Floss wasn't paying close attention he threw her sideways and off she slid!

Until next time
try your skill at bull riding, it's fun

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alternative Farming Expo

When you hear the phrase Alternative Farming, what springs to mind? For me, certainly not the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo!

I won a family pass, yay me :), to go to the expo on Saturday so we packed a picnic lunch and took the 2 hour drive across to Seymour. We didn't have high expectations, well, i didn't think we did, but we hoping we would come away with some ideas that were different from the usual farming practices.

Now, for me, normal farming is dairy/beef, sheep, grain cropping, chickens, hay making lol Where were the Snail farmers, Bees, rabbits, flowers, fish farmers, cheese and wine makers?? I could go on ;)

There was the odd stall selling lavendar products, emu oil products, eco friendly building materials (does polystyrene fall into that catagory?), solar power and water, clothing made from alpaca fleece. Most of the other exhibits were tractors, water tanks, fencing equipment and all those 'must have' items you see on TVSN lol. All these are sights you would expect to see at a normal farming field day. There were animals in amongst everything else, but nothing different and exciting.

I will admit the 'normal' farmers did have ideas on how to improve on what you have and get the most out of your products, and some of these ideas were good for the dry. arid country we live in. I did like the Smart Fodder Solutions. It's something we already knew about and having researched it we were able to create our own take on it and it worked marvelously! This is their set up.

So overall, i don't think the expo did the term 'alternative' justice but it was a nice day out and hubby came away with a few quotes on items on his wishlist ;)

Until next time

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blessed Lammas

The 1st harvest celebration of the year aswell as the marking of the end of summer (i don't think summer is going anywhere in a hurry around here lol)

It wasn't much of a celebration here this time. I was preoccupied with the girls 1st day of school and to be honest, it crept up on me too quick.

Anyway, i made a loaf of bread but i cheated and did it in the breadmaker. It was just too hot to have the oven on.

I didn't get to make a corn dolly, as i didn't plant any corn at the farm last season. I am looking forard to when i can make one, i've not made one before but they look grand.

We had a simple meal of vegies, not home grown unfortunately but from the local fruit and veg shop which in my opinion is just as good.
As you have read, it was a very quiet day but still enjoyable for me :)

Until next time