Monday, September 14, 2009

Spring has Sprung

In the Southern Hemisphere.
The days are getting longer and warmer, the plants are awakening, blossoms are forming on the fruit trees, babies are being born, both human and animal. It's such a cheerful season to experience.
We planted a pear tree and a plum tree to mark the occassion. The plum already has blossoms!

The weather this past week has been a mix of blue skies, sunshine, rain and winds but it's all good. A few days of rain follwed by sun makes the garden look healthy and happy.

We are looking forwards to celebrating the Spring Equinox later in the month. Hopefully we can light a bonfire on the day and go about our doings in the sun. I find bonfires sooth the soul and clear the mind. Toasting of marshmallows is always good too hehe.

I should remove myself from the computer and enjoy the sun while it's out.

Until next time


I've been living on this property for 8 years. We have alot of wildlife around the area, Kangaroo's, Wombats, Lizards, Snakes, Deer, Brolgas, many spieces of birds, the list probably goes on, but not once, on the property, have i seen a Koala. Well, that's all changed! Down near the river while we were wandering around, a Koala scammpered across the ground and shot up the tree. Yes the tree was on our side of the fence line ... just ... hehe. The kids were super excited as was i! I attempted to take photos but not having my dream SLR camera (one day i will) i wasn't able to zoom in close enough. He chose the tallest of trees and was balancing on the thinnest of branches. It amazes me he didn't fall out!
So that's one more thing i can cross off the list for living here. I keep adding to the list so it will never end hehe.

Until next time
Keep your eyes wide open

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Temporary Mind Lapse

Gosh! I've been slack at updating here :( My mind is all over the place of late. Thankfully i write snippets of what's been happening in a hard version daily diary. Nothing indepth though so i'd have to think extra long and hard of what exactly happened in the last few days. So here is Wednesday's, Thurday's and Friday's blog rolled into one.

It was book week on Wednesday. The theme was Safari. DD9 went along as a leopard and a cute one at that hehe. I attempted face painting and was proud of my efforts as was DD9. DD8 was a hunter. Fitted out in khaki clothing, a safari hat and magnifying glass she really looked the part when i did a photo shoot of the girls in the surrounding pine forests near home. Gotta love the backdrops nature has to offer when it comes to interesting photos :)

DH had a job interview on the 27th for a farm hand. Sounds dreamy hehe. Technical stuff aside, it comes with a home and room for chooks and a pony. A small town, much much smaller then where we are now. The school has around 100 students and that's from prep to 3rd year of high school! I studied up on the town and surrounding area lol. I possibly jinxed the whole interview! It would just be perfect and DH is truely interested in the position available. Well, unfortunately we weren't successful :( Looks like we are staying home for awhile longer. It's disappointing. I guess .... no .... i know, i had my heart invested in it way too much, it's a me thing and i will never learn *rolls eyes* Oh well, onwards to the next job, if we can find one lol

Firday saw the school choir competing in the local eistedford. DD9 has participated in the choir for the past 2 years and enjoys it. This year there were 4 choirs in the under 14's section. Each group sang 3 songs and i admit all groups presented their songs wonderfully although our group (CPS choir) was the most entertaining (biased much? hehe) We didn't win the top prize but came equal 2nd and the kids were over the moon with that :) considering they have only come together and been practising for the past 7 weeks! Much applause goes to their choir master who has worked hard with the group.

I think that's it.

Until next time