Friday, April 29, 2011

He who is bored...

...starts to demolish house!

I’ve said we weren’t going to do any major renovating on the Church atleast until after winter. Well one bored hubby and a long weekend changed that. We’ve removed 3 quaters of an outer wall and replaced it with a window. It’s nowhere near finished but it’s weather and vermin proof :) The inside wall needs to be replaced too. The absence of a reasonable priced hardware store means we have to work with the limited materials we have until shopping day in the next town and that’s not for another 3-4 weeks lol.

When we took over the place, there were bees in the front wall. They’d have to have been there for many months as half the wall was covered in honeycomb and oozing with honey so much so that the wall was bulging. Unfortunately we couldn’t bottle the honey as many chemicals had been used to try to deter and kill the bees. Pulling the wall off and disposing of the comb was the only way to get the bees to leave. This meant hubby had to suit up and go in for the attack one night while the bees were mildly quiet. He pulled the outside wall off scrapped most of the comb off and came out unscathed and the bees disappeared within a week.

We did want to put a sunroom/portico at the front but plans would have had to be submitted and in reality there isn't a lot of room between the front of the church and the front fence. We've settled for a bigger window for lots of light and we’ll put a small verandah on with the same pitched roof as the house roof.

We had hoped to keep the weather board but again we are using what we have and that is blue corrugated iron. Maybe down the track we will replace with weatherboard. We're here for a long time so who knows what could happen ;)

Until next time

Friday, April 22, 2011

We have moved :D

We have permanently moved to our new home :) For those who haven't heard about our new home you can read about it here.

Major renovating won't start anytime soon. Winter is nearly upon us and i don't want to live in a home with few walls lol, so we have to make do with the limited space we have. As it's only one big (small describes it better) room we have the kitchen/lounge/bedrooms all in one.

I think i've done a not too bad a job in creating some privacy for the 3 kiddies. I've given them a square area, with the bunk bed creating a "wall" and a cupboard for another wall. The outside wall of the bunk has a "curtain" to enclose the space and stop Miss 10 from watching the television at night lol. My only problem is Miss 9 who sleeps on the top bunk can see the telly so i'm thinking some oversized timber screens or a curtain hanging from the ceiling to the floor.

We also pulled out the old non-working oven and replaced it with a bench top cooker and a new oven. They are only temporarily sitting in their places until we get the kitchen reno's underway. I quite enjoy cooking so am happy to have a new stove to work with no matter where it is sitting :)

While i'm here, i'd like to say a huge thank you to my family for putting up with us over the past 7 months. Your love, support and sharing of your home has been a blessing to us xox

Until next time

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The bus..

What’s been happening in the bus?

We swapped the lounges. A different double seater and a single chair. There is more room between the 2 now and when the double bed is up against the window (as seen in the photo), we can sit on the back seat anyways. Lots of seating space.

A bed for the little man has been made. We tossed around the idea of something that could be packed away leaving floor space for the kids to play or something permanent that doubled as storage space. We settled on storage space so his bed is basically a box with a lid lol. A foam mattress on top with a couple of pillows against the window and it becomes a sofa lounge, so really it has 3 purposes :)

A floor to ceiling cupboard/wardrobe has also been built at the end of the little man's bed. This will store clothing as will another one that will be built at the other end of the bunk bed.

We’re looking into a one way window sticker for the back window. We were going to fully block it out but it may make it too dark. We also considered tint but that seems boring. Hubby wants passing cars to see a scene or something interesting, not a plain window lol. Now to throw around some ideas as what scene to have, the kids idea of a huge Elmo face didn't go down too well with hubby ;P

We've also got hold of a second hand awning/annex attachment without the actual awning canvas. We can get a canvas made to suit which will be a lot cheaper than buying a brand new kit :)

I think that’s it.

Until next time

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mushrooms growing in the wild..

Field or in this instance, paddock mushrooms. Does anybody know anything about them? I don’t and I’m certainly not going to eat them until I know for sure if they’re healthy mushies.

There’s a patch of 9 of varying sizes. To me they look like hugely overgrown button mushrooms. I picked one and destalked it, underneath it looks like a mushroom, it feels like a mushroom. It has a high aroma too.

I’m no mushroom connoisseur lol Can anyone help me?

Until next time

Friday, April 8, 2011

Making our own

My kiddies love jelly and fruit, so much so if they had their way they'd eat it every day! They usually have it for their school lunches every 2nd day and 9 a week can hurt the budget!

I was buying the 4 packs of fruit/jelly when i could find them on special but even then i wasn't too impressed with the cost, not to mention the added landfill.

Sooo, i started to make my own. A big tin of 2 fruits, a packet of jelly and some reusable containers make for happy kiddies and more $$ left in the purse :) There's enough fruit for 11 pots but only enough jelly for 8. 0.79cents for the jelly and $2 for the tinned fruit is much better then $4-$6 for a pack of 4.

These containers are from the nude food movers range. They come with lids so are also great to pop in the lunch box for an occasional treat.

Until next time

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just getting it off my chest.

Depression. I don’t have it. Some may beg to differ. But I know myself and I. Don’t. Have. It.

I don’t regret anything that has happened in the last 6 months. I am eternally grateful to certain people for looking out for me, being a rock and a shoulder to cry on. Helping my family get to where we are today. It hasn’t been all fun and games but that’s the way life is.

If I were to list why I am sometimes weepy, unmotivated, silent, want to be alone, be it solitary of with my own family unit, a lot of you would understand. It doesn’t mean I’m suffering from depression, it just means I’m not overly happy where I am but due to the circumstances it can’t be changed right this moment and I’m dealing with it as best as I can, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. These feelings are passing emotions when I’m having a down day and I try my hardest to not let it be shown, hence the reason I like my own company. The good news is life will be changing in a matter of weeks and these feelings will be on their way out the door as our lives move forward.

I don’t normally blog about my down moments but needed to get this off my chest and out there.
Normal blogging will resume soon 