Monday, January 31, 2011

The bus

A quick bus update.

Hubby has been spending every spare minute he has working on the bus, and lately that hasn't been much but i give him credit, bus renovations are on the top of his list, my threat still stands lol. I wish he would stop changing his mind about things though, he's worse then a woman lol

The cupboard is the start of the kitchen area. There will be a sink and a cooktop on this bench. We've decided not to have an under bench stove. It wouldn't get a lot of use to be honest and having a door that opens downwards isn't ideal in this small space.

It might not look too fantastic yet but it's definately taking shape, albeit slowly.

Oh, he got himself a new (recycled) drivers seat. More comfortable then the previous one (don't have a photo of the old one)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Bus Update

Seems asthough hubby has taken my threat of "if you don't start doing something to the bus soon, i'm selling it" seriously for once in his life lol

Yesterday saw him pulling out the seats and over head luggage racks aswell as drafting the renovations in chalk on the floor. We even went looking at appliances so we could get precise measurements so we know how much room we have to play with!

I must admit, it was fun drawing and discussing, but don't tell hubby hehe.

Wonder when the next installment of Bus Update will be ;)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deprived or Imaginative?

Miss Mogs has a love for anything 4 legged and furry, woolly or hairy. Her most beloved creature is the horse. She did have a couple of horse friends when we lived on the farm but since living in surburbia there has been limited space for even a minature pony so she's made do with a beer keg, a saw stool and the riding equipment she wouldn't let us put in storage incase the oppertunity arose to put it to good use lol.

The following photos tell the story :)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

The begining of a new calander year.

Start afresh and make those dreams come true, i know i will be.

Last year is in the past. I've no regrets, i will learn from my mistakes.

I have many things i wish to do this year but my one and only new year resolution is not to tell anyone anything until it has happened. I tend to get too excited and blab about my intentions only for them to fall flat. I do have big news but my mouth is firmly shut! Hopefully noone can read my mind lol

I've also decided a new year calls for a new blog template. Not too much different from what i previously had, by the same blog designer too. Who knows, i may change it to follow the seasons or my moods later in the year.

Blessings for a wonderful funfilled 2011.