Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The church is growing

We’ve been busy the past few weeks around the home.
We scored ourselves a shed that we are converting into a rumpus room. Our neighbour across the road had the shed on her property and was going to demolish it. Hubby took one look at it and said it would be easy to jack up onto a trailer and bring it across to our place so that’s what we did.
It will be connected to the house by a deck that happens to be the future deck that my vegie garden borders. Hopefully by the end of this year it will be a fully functional room.
I’ll let the photo’s tell the storyso far :)

Until next time

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spring Vegie Gardening

Finally I have a vegie garden :D Made from recycled materials of course, garage door panels. Eventually we are going to build a timber deck in the middle between the house and garden boxes. Hoping by summer but if not we can still use the area for entertaining :)

I’ve planted lettuces, capsicums, red onions, garlic (i know i'm late) and marigolds for decoration. There’s a little more room for a bunch of beetroot. I also have a couple of other beds along the front fence made from the old weather boards that came off the front wall of the church which have lettuces, tomatoes and peas.

There's also a patch in the back yard where i've got 3 butternut pumpkin seedlings. It's fair in the middle of the yard where it gets the water run off from the washing machine.

I've still got plenty more vegies seeds and seedlings i want to plant. They'll be randomly planted anywhere i can find a spot this year :)

Until next time
Happy gardening

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I think i spoke too soon when i said in my last blog post i hadn't had the normal winter chills. It caught me good :( aswell as the rest of the family. That'll teach me to brag hey lol

Cold and flu tablets and loads of panadol, vicks and mountains of tissues, hot water bottles and favourite blankets have been our best friends over the past few days. I had to stock up on tissues today as we're using a box a day each!

This time next week we should all be back to our normal healthy selves and can start to enjoy the spring weather.

Until next time