Saturday, January 30, 2010


I know of a few people who are decluttering their homes. Ridding themselves of items they haven't used for a year or more. I did a bit of decluttering myself when i was packing boxes for our move to a new home. Not only does it make the home more spacious and neater, it gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing someone else will benefit from your clutter, well hopefully ;)

I wonder if anyone's decluttering was as big as what my hubby got rid of? I don't think anyone will benefit from this lot, although i was told the door on the Dodge will be going to a collector, the rest, well, it's giong to wherever scrap metal goes. I probably don't want to know, it'll be adding to landfill somewhere along the line :(

By the end of February he'll have decluttered more car bodies, machinery and large bits and bobs, not just our clutter but those who have lived here before us. If this keeps up i'll want to move back to our farm, it's looking like a new home lol

Until next time

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Non Generic School Uniforms

This is the 1st time i've had to pay an astronomical amount for the girls school uniforms and i'm not impressed! Why? Because the school, which is a public school, has a non-generic uniform policy. All shirts, jumpers and hats must be logo'ed and girls must wear skorts, no dresses, skirts or basketball style shorts. What i paid for 2 polo shirts, 2 hats and 4 pairs of skorts (couldn't get green ones from any of the stores in 3 different towns so had to buy them from the school)i could have brought a years worth of uniforms for both girls from Target plus extras! I still need to buy jumpers for winter and by then DD9 will have had a growth spurt and will be needing bigger sizes *insert rolling eyes*. I don't care what the school says, my girls will be wearing generic shirts and jumpers. They will each have 1 shirt with logo that they can wear for the 1st couple of days of the new term aswell as special ocassions, every other day it will be non-logo'ed shirt. Same with the winter jumper. Will be interesting to see what winter style pants their allowed, all i know is they have to be green.

Ok, rant over.

Until next time

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

School is in

Well, not until February for my girls but atleast they are enrolled in their new school :)

We had a meet and greet with the principle yesterday (Monday) and a tour of the school. The student population is under 250 with about 12 classes of combined grades. The girls had the choice of being in the same class but both flatly refused lol The building and outside area is HUGE compared to the last school the girls attended, i hope they don't get lost going to and from classes!

Now i have to buy uniforms and half the stationary, the school supplies the other half, different to the last school where they supplied everything we just had to hand the money over lol

The girls are quite looking forward to school starting, they've already made 2 friends who won't be in their class but they can still hang out at playtime.

Now i need to enrol Master Smiley in kinder and prepare myself for days alone :( lol

Until next time

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Beginings

We have moved! From Western Victoria to Northern Victoria, close to 500kms from home, might not sound a lot to some but for me it’s a looong way. . The house we are residing in is hopefully temporary; more on that at a later date just keep your fingers crossed for us 

Setting up home in a new town is fun but I will admit I am homesick. I miss the farm. I miss my veggie patch – water restrictions here mean I can’t have a garden or even a back lawn for the kids to run around. No animals – the rental is a no pet zone. I can’t holler at the kiddies lol, we are in town with neighbours all around, Most of all I miss having looong conversations with my mum. I can still chat to her from here but I have to be mindful of the costs. I’ve emailed her each day since we’ve been here lol. So yep, it’s bad homesickness for now and no amount of chocolate will compensate for it lol

The town we are in is very touristy. The caravan park is overfull with holidaying families. The river is always a hive of activity with boats and skiers. We’ve sat on the bank and watched, dangling our feets in the water.
Playing at the play park has been a regular morning activity for us. The kiddies enjoy the swings, slides, monkey bars etc while I pound the pavement for a morning walk.
Lucky for me there are no interesting shops hehe, even the newsagent is a little on the dull side.

Next week we will be enrolling the girls in school, and then we will sort out their uniforms and book lists. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a red uniformed school lol so I’ll be purchasing entire new uniforms. My little man will be enrolled in kinder too! How scary!

Until next time
Happy 2010, may it be a goal-achieving year for you all