Thursday, June 23, 2011


They say anymore then 3 items of one thing or similar things is the start of a collection. I wonder if 10 pairs of socks count ;P

I have a few collections and have decided as i unpack storage boxes and put things on display i will blog about each collection.

First up is a collection or rather a selection of pretty glassware. It's only a 1/4 of what i have. I have all sorts of depression glass in pinks, blues, purple and amber. Throw in some modern pieces and it looks grand.
This particular kitchen dresser has housed glassware for the last 5 years. Any other cupboard wouldn't highlight the colours. I especially like the pink depression glass fish bowl (bottom shelf in the middle), i have one in blue too that belonged to my hubby's grandmother :)

I'm not normally into pretty things, or shabby chic, or french provincial. I'm more into retro and country with gothic thrown into the mix. An interesting combination lol

Until next time
Happy collecting

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creative kids

I love when kids use their imagination and get creative outdoors on a sunny day.

They found some scrappy sheets of ply wood, drew a picture, got dad to cut it out with the jigsaw, found some paint in mum's craft box and painted their creations. For a few hours they were happy with being creative :)

Until next time

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Possum

We had a cute furry visitor at our front door tonight and he invited himself inside! I promptly pointed him back out, shared some apple with him and took loads of photos.

He seems very friendly. I guess he is a "local" and the neighbours feed him? I will have to ask.

Miss 9 was happy happy! A couple of weeks ago she did a home project on possums and the Brush-tail possum was of most interest to her. Seeing one up close and personal has made that project much more special. We'll be adding a photo of her and Mr Possum to the title page of the project.
Her next project is about Panda's, i'm hoping there won't be one at my front door next week!!

Until next time

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have a kitchen sink!

The weekend saw us working around the home. We were fortunate to have hubby's son to help with the top part of the front wall. There was no way i was going to stand on the makeshift scaffold and hold the iron or a window! So now the wall is all blue with 2 lovely windows and looking very nice if i do say so myself ;) It's not completely finished. We have to replace some iron in the middle with 1 full length so there are no joins, easy to do. The corners need the cream flashing or whatever it is called put on. I need to wash the windows and the iron and a couple of planter boxes will look nice too. Hubby built a new meter box, smaller and in cream iron to fit with the colour scheme. He is clever, just don't tell him i said so ;P

The next project was a kitchen sink. I've been using a bucket and kettle on the table for the past 3 months. Even longer if you include the time we were living on my parents property lol. Anyways, hubby used recycled timber to build a cupboard. The sink is brand spanking new. It was going to be installed in the bus but it's too big for the area and because I'm fussy, it's back to front, as in the drainer is on the wrong side, so it wasn't going to work at all in the bus. It's yet to have a tap. We did have a 2nd hand mixer tap but it doesn't turn off so a new one is being looked for. There is no hot water over the sink yet so the makeshift tap will work well for a few more months. The oven and cook top are set up properly and work great. As much as i enjoyed having the oven on the bench, it looks much better below. The whole cupboard is temporary. We need to replace the wall in the distant future and we would like an old retro cupboard that we can convert for the sink and oven. As everything it serves it's purpose well. I'm just happy to have a working sink :)

Until next time.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fairy Tale Park (photo heavy)

The other weekend i took my kiddlets to Fairy Tale Park in Tarpeena near my home town. The place has been there for numerous years, way back when i was a kid. It closed down for quite awhile before being taken over by new owners who revamped it and reopened last year. I never had the oppertunity to visit the park when i was younger, i'm sure it would have been a lot different to what it is now but fairy tales never change and what child and grown up alike doesn't love a roam around a magical fairy tale realm :).

It's not a huge park. You can take everything in within an hour or if you have kids like mine who want to recite every fairytale they come across then set aside a few hours. You can take a picnic lunch to break up the experience ;)

I'll let the photo's speak for themselves :)

Until next time

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A quick hello

It's been another few busy days here. I headed over the border on Sunday, had my gallbladder removed on Tuesday and drove myself home today, Thursday. Surprisingly i am feeling ok. I'm not on any medication and the pain is mild if i don't do anything. I have 15 staples that will be removed next Thursday. Miss 11 wants me to keep them lol and Miss 9 wants to take the jar of gallstones to school for show and tell! Weird children i have lol

The kids have had the week off school again, they are looking forward to getting back there tomorrow and having an uneventful 4 weeks before the school holidays officially start!

I'm going to take the next week to rest and relax as much as possible as one can with 3 children and a hubby who isn't around during the week. I can see my only resting will be when i'm asleep lol. Noo, i will seriously take time out to do nothing. I have a couple of letters i want to handwrite so this week is dedicated to that :)

Hope all is well in your world wherever you may be.

Until next time