Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Wishes

B2 celebrated her 11th birthday on Saturday and again on Monday.

Lots of presents, loads of fun and best of all was the family and friends who helped her celebrate.

Until next time

Monday, August 20, 2012

Animal family

We've more new additions to our animal family.

1 is for the freezer, yum! The other we're still debating wether to keep her or pop her in the freezer too. I'm leaning towards the freezer as i know how big she'll get and we don't really have the room for her when she's a grown adult although it would be nice to keep her. Either way, i have around 5 months to make my mind up lol

Met the new girls, Jap (just a pig) and Sulky. Sulky earnt her name because she got the sads on when we put her in the trailer. She kept side glancing at us as if to say 'why have you taken me away from my siblings?' She's still doing it lol. Jap got her name because any animal we have who is destined for the freezer has to have a suitable dinner name so the kids know not to get too attatched. We tossed around some other names such as pork chop, spare rib, yumyum but decided Roasted Just a Pig will go nicely with Roasted Just a Pumpkin lol

Until next time

Monday, August 13, 2012

A horse of course!

B2 is in her element now we have brought her pony home from the farm. We're 'agisting' it in a vacant paddock next to our home. I didn't want him in the backyard lol

I haven't seen Spirit the pony for nearly 2 years. He's been at the farm with the other horses and being looked after by the various tenants. The last time i seen him he was a little jittery and really wouldn't come when called unless there was a treat on offer. Now it's like he's a totally different pony and i owe my thanks to the lovely young lass who's been caring for him for the past 12 months. He comes when called. Doesn't flinch at loud noises. Is rideable with a lead rope, although he was always rideable but had a tendancy to be a bit wild.

B2 hasn't left Spirit's side much over the weekend. She quickly does her chores, feeds and has a brief chat with the other animals then she's out in the paddock playing with Spirit 'til it's dark. She even shares a carrot or apple with him! She's always been a horsey lover. Using anything and everything she could to put her saddle on and pretend she was riding lol

We took B2 and Spirit for a walk yesterday. Will be good to see her riding him on her own when both horse and rider have confidence with each other.

Looks like Spirit is smiling in this one :)

Until next time

Monday, August 6, 2012

Home for a fish

I cleaned out the fish tank (the water was used on the garden) and then arranged the pebbles nicely on the tank floor. Some would say i was bored, other's, just being fancy lol Either way the fish are happy.

Until next time