Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clickety Clack

We went on a train ride on the weekend. From Melbourne to Castlemaine, changed trains then onto Maldon for lunch and a walk aorund.

Our train was 2 beautiful old steam engines with 11 carriages behind them. The scenery was pretty in places. It was a long day. Longer for B1 as she worked in the buffet car.

Now i don't usually give a company a plug on my blog, but i will for Steamrail and not just becasue my good friend works there lol.

If you want to experience all that a steam train has to offer head to They are nothing like Puffing Billy. They run packaged trips often and for the price of them, they are well worth it. The amount of time, effort and sometimes hair pulling out moments the workers and volunteers go to behind the scenes to make the trips run smoothly, is something you need to see for yourself to appreciate it all.

The photo below was taken by a 14 year old lad. He was one of the many photographers dotted along the line trying to get that special shot. Actually, we saw him scampering all over the place between Melbourne and Maldon. Enthusiastic! We were in the 3rd carriage ;)

Photo credit - Henry Owen

Until next time