Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peach Jam

Mmmm, i love the taste of homemade jam. Not only do i know what is in it, i get that feeling of satisfaction knowing i made it all by myself. I didn't have to get advice from my mum this time lol

On the weekend we went to a local market and brought 10kgs each of peaches, plums and nectarines. They were the last crops off the trees and really cheap. After gorging ourselves on yummy fresh fruit for the past 3 days, it was time to preserve the remainder for the winter months (not sure if i can keep the family away from the jam for that long though!).

So began the process of peeling, chopping, cooking and bottling. I had to buy new jars as i got rid of mine in the move but i feel because this year is a new begining for us, i can allow myself new jars that will continue to be filled with homemade goodies.

Here is my small batch of peach jam. My next blog will show the nectarine jam. It's still bubbling away on the stove :)

It was a learning experience. I've made strawberry jam and fig jam a couple of times before. I find both those fruits mush down whereas peaches hold their shape. Next time i'll chop them smaller. It set well. I did use jam setter. 1.5kgs of fruit and half the amount of sugar which i probably could have scaled down a little more. All in all it turned out well and it's delicious on a piece of fresh bread :o)

Until next time
happy preserving


Hana said...

Ah yes, peaches hold their shape... good to remember. I also noticed this in a bought jam.

Rose said...

I've been eyeing off some cheap peaches and am now inspired. Thanks!