Thursday, July 30, 2009


Have you ever done something you shouldn't? Something you'd never have dreamed of doing? Or maybe in the past you'd done something that could be the trigger for you to do something now?

Be it something small and insignificant to many, or huge and could ruin all you have, would you follow your thoughts with actions?

If it's harmless to a point it shouldn't be a bad thing should it? If there is another level to take it to then you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences but what if it makes you happy and gives you a feeling of satisfaction?

Would you share your doings with anyone else? Would you really want to hear someone tell you how negative your doings are? Im sure if you were going to do something you would have glossed over the pros and cons beforehand right?

Is it bad to be just thinking about doing something you know isn't right? Thoughts can't possibly put you in a position where you'd be hurt or hurting someone or something, could they? Actions speak louder then thoughts don't they?

Too many questions huh?

Would love to hear your answers!