Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Rant

This random rant is about a person i shall name Fred.
I have over the past few weeks asked Fred to assist me in a job i shall call Work lol
Work will be of monetary benefit to Fred and it could become ongoing if Fred does Work properly.
Fred half heartedly agreed to my last request but has not followed through with it. I could hold off for a little longer but who knows if Fred is going to commit so i am about to do it myself.
I could have done Work weeks ago, well i did, but Work requires upkeep and Fred is experienced in this field, again, many of us have the knowledge and ability to do Work but i thought i'd give Fred the chance to earn some cash as Fred has mentioned not having money to spare lately.
Wouldn't you think, if Fred needs cash, and Work is what Fred does best and Fred has done Work for others recently, Fred would jump at the chance to do my Work?!?!
It makes me mad that Fred sometimes whines about not having spare cash but won't help Fred's self to earn it. I honestly didn't think Fred was like that!
Okies, rant over

Until next time
the only way to get something done is do it yourself ;)


Kimmie and Heartpoet said...

OMG I have a "FRED" at my place lolololol - must be a common name eh