Friday, September 13, 2013


I'm glad I woke up with a positive frame of mind at the beginning of the week! The weather played havoc here with 90km wind gusts that nearly saw our portable chicken coop upended and could have hurt our pony who is currently chomping down the knee high grass in the same paddock.

I honestly didn't think the coop would move. It's big enough to walk in and currently houses 9 chooks. It's made of frames made from c section which isn't light and tin and heavy gauge wire and was firmly, albeit shallowly embedded into the ground. Luckily I can see the coop from the lounge room window and saw it moving about. I went out armed with all the rope I could find and tied the coop to fences and stakes and placed heavy rocks on the roof to stop the tin from flapping around. It's didn't move after that! 5 of the chooks took the chance to escape so I left them to wander the front yard with the thought of putting them back in the coop before dark but when the munchkins came home from school, they gated off an area were I plan to have a garden and enclosed the 5 wanderers so they won't wander too far or become dinner for foxes and they are now happily scratching the earth and weeding the soon to be garden bed! Clever munchkins I have :) We'll continue to move those chooks along the garden bed so they can clear it right to the other end.

yes the pony is sticking his tongue out at me!

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Anonymous said...

Good save of the chicken coop! See next comment!!!!