Monday, September 16, 2013

1 week

has gone by, slowly! Honestly, nothing out of the ordinary was achieved. The usual housework was done, baking, reading, walking. I didn't go anywhere until Friday and that's only because the munchkins had their school music concert so I made the most of going to town and grabbed some groceries, bought some nonessential magazines at the newsagent and posted some parcels and letters at the post office, town is really exciting :P

The weather has been off. Windy and wet for the most part. I did manage a bit of weeding and found concrete edging along the back yard fence that borders a 2 foot wide garden bed so my mission this week is to get it completely weeded and plan for some apple trees to be espaliered along the fence. I can't see a proper orchard in the near future so making the most of what I do have and can manage pn my own is what i'm aiming for. I asked my garden guru aka my mum if it was a good plan and she whole heartedly agrees :) She even suggested espaliering stone fruit trees down the side fence, we'll see, one step at a time ;)

The man of the house seems to be liking his job. He's got himself into a routine. We're looking forward to seeing him, not sure when though.

The animals are all happy and healthy. We've come to the decision we'll sell all the pigs with the aim of starting over again in 2014. This will give us time to build proper housing, fix the fences so they're pig proof and most importantly while the munchkins are still young, give us the opportunity to see more of this beautiful country. Having animals and taking holidays don't work!

Here's to week 2. It's already started with lack of sleep. Last night we had a brilliant thunder storm that rocked the house a couple of times. The munchkins ended up in my bed although to give myself some space, I dragged B3's mattress into my room and we all spent the night rugged up thinking up all sorts of theories as to why thunder happens, it lightened the mood :)

School holidays start this Friday. We're not planning on travelling anywhere. I would have liked to visit my parents but it's just not going to happen. Not sure what we'll do, I guess we'll play it by ear and enjoy the sleep ins ;)

Until next time


Anonymous said...

Love to find hidden treasures like the edging! Sounds as if you will have plenty of garden to keep you occupied. Good plan to sell off the piggies and be able to get away every now and then to meet up with hubby! Kids would be excited about that too. Have had a few things going on here and will get mail off to you this week!! We're on our way home! Take care! xxx HS