Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Potato Harvesting

Not potatoes I've grown. These came from a spud farm not far from home and are now on their way to the Smith Chip factory in Queensland.

The joys of having a husband who drives trucks, the munchkins and I get to visit places we'd not think of visiting otherwise. Mondays excursion was to a potato farm. The potatoes are normally freshly picked but these ones had been stored in the ground, commonly known as root cellaring, for a couple of weeks, meaning, they were dug, dried out a bit in the sun for a day then turned back into the soil usually with a layer of straw mulch over them so they keep fresh.

B3 was quite excited to help with the grading of the spuds. After the spuds went through the washer he picked out the ones that had rotten soft bits or were cut with the harvest and threw them in a crate that was destined for animal feed or for the farmers dinner table. The really small spuds went into a different crate and were taken to another farm for planting. The spuds then went up a conveyor belt into the truck and off they went on their journey.

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Sue xx said...

wow a lot of chips there!
Belated Happy Birthday to L too, loved his hair!