Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another month gone by

*sigh* where do the days go? There's either not enough hours in the day or not enough days in the week, it doesn't help when we keep losing days, or is it we're losing our marble?? lol

Our B1 turned 13 this month. I still find it hard to believe I've been a mum for 13 years! She had a quiet family party at home the weekend prior to her special day and received some special gifts. My mum made a gorgeous quilt for her, not quite a single bed size but much bigger than a lap quilt. B1 has been wrapped in it ever since, it must be warm! On the actual day we had a special dinner and icecream cake with a couple more gifts from her siblings.

the gorgeous quilt

icecream cake 

Family party

Mothers day was also celebrated on the same weekend. I received some great school made gifts from the munchkins as well as a cozy dressing gown and my darling husband gave me the most gorgeous gift, a quaint 1960's caravan. I'm going to give it a big makeover, outside and in, it's something I've been dreaming of for the past 3 or so years and it will probably take another 3 years to get the makeover done! I'm forever looking through the Vintage Caravan magazines and drooling over the cool, retro vans and accessories. I have a pinterest board of all sorts of ideas I can do to my van, who I've named Eveie. I've settled on a colour, just not sure of the shade, I also have half an idea of how I want the inside to look. I'm excited!

Eveie the 10ft 1960's van

The vegie patch is growing well. The brassicas are all forming heads, onions have popped up after I thought the summer heat had been to harsh for them, we even have what we a certain is a sunflower plant growing where the pigs were, don't know how as we've not fed sunflowers to the pigs but we'll let it continue to grow and hopefully it will flower. It seems I also have sunflowers growing in the lawn out the backyard, they can only be from the guinea pig feed, it's such a muddled growing year in the Wimmera of Victoria!

Our little town has been saddened by the sudden death of one of the locals. He was a fit, not quite 70 year old, semi retired farmer. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

We've had a couple of bonfires the past month, not as many as we had last year, it seems everyone has busy lives this year and it's no fun having a bonfire on your own lol.

Until next time

Keep your loved ones close



Anonymous said...

How lovely to see the beautiful quilt your Mum made for B1. Thank you so much for your lovely letter, the chocolate (yumyum) and the pretty scarf! I wore it to my daughter's yesterday and it was much admired!!!! Love the ice cream cake and the happy faces with it! Your caravan looks so cute - do take pictures of the before & after you do the makeover! Will write more snail mail - love and hugs! Jill

trishie said...

Nice to read about your month. Happy belated birthday to your daughter, looks like a lovely celebration. And what a mystery with the sunflowers!

Sami Jae said...

Thank you for dropping by Trishie, and thank you for the belated birthday wishes :)

Jill, as always, I look forward to your snail mail :)