Sunday, February 10, 2013


Last Saturday we went to the Dartmoor Rodeo. It's been an annual event for us for the past 4 years, this being our 5th. It doesn't matter where we live, we make the trip to Dartmoor every February to soak up the friendly country atmosphere and some entertaining and professional bullriding.

The riders come from all over the country and we've got to know who the best are and have our favourites.

Not only is there bull riding, there's the buck jumpers, which i'm not overly fond of and the barrel racing for juniors and open ages. It's rather cute watching a 4 year old child on the back of a pony being lead around the barrels by mum or dad, it's a real family affair.

It would be great if we could follow the rodeo circuit all over Australia! We're off to the Great Western rodeo on Easter Weekend where we'll pitch the tent and enjoy a wider variety of eventing.

Until next time


Barb. said...

My son rides bulls in Rodeos over here but we have only been and watched him one time. Scarey but he loves it even when they land on his head.
Love your bus!


Sami Jae said...

Hi Barb, thank you for dropping by. Does your son travel around Oz for rodeos? We've seen a couple of riders looking worse for wear after they've fallen off the bulls but i think it's the rodeo 'clowns' who take a more of a beating some times!