Monday, February 25, 2013

New Car!

I have a new, to us, car! A very posh car, well, posh for us country folk lol

I'm a little apprehensive to drive it around the country roads, afraid it will get dirty. 
The funniest thing is now everyone on the road to town waves. No-one knows it's me driving, we've only had the car for 2 days so those who know us haven't had a chance to see it sitting out front of our house yet, and people who don't know us wave too. It's seems we've moved up the ladder in terms of fitting in with the snobby farmers (not all farmers are snobby, just the ones around this area). It's amazing how something like a shiny, fancy car can change peoples attitude towards you. We haven't changed, we just have a more reliable car that we worked hard for, paid in full with no debt incurred.

Me, being a Ford gal, I'm quietly enjoying the Holden hubby chose. It's spacious, which is beneficial for the growing munchkins. Has been well looked after, drives smoothly and quietly and will last us many, many years and it's red/burgundy, we all know red cars go faster lol. The novelty of a shiny new car will not wear thin anytime soon with me, I'm a bit of a car nut ;)

photos courtesy of google images

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carol said...

I am really enjoying following you blog and have saved it on my favorites. Congratulations on your new car. I wish we could afford one but maybe in the next few years. We are farmers but please don't put us in the same link as it appears the ones around you are. Most farmers are just battlers trying to keep their heads above water. Good luck with keeping it clean and enjoy it.Carol

twisted soul said...

Thank you for your kind words Carol.
I don't have that opinion of all farmers. We were hobby farmers with a nice amount of acreage and we had our ups and downs of farming life. The area we used to live in was a lovely community, some big farms, some small farms, some inherited, some that were worked hard for. I appreciate the effort farmers go to and have a lot of respect for what they do when Mother Nature is so unpredictable. It's just this particular community won't look at you twice if you don't have things like thousands of acres, fancy tractors, boats, flash cars, manicures every fortnight lol. It's something i shake my head at often. ~SJ~