Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Normal families, as in once married, no seperations or remarriages, have 2 sets of grandparents. I like to be different lol

I have my mum's parents, my fathers parents, my stepdad's parents and my mum's stepdad. So that's 3 grandmothers and 4 grandfathers. I'd say i'm lucky :)

I don't remember my father's father. I believe he passed away not long after i was born. I recollect seeing a photo of him but no photos of him and myself.
My mum's father re-married so i guess i have an additional grandmother, although i've always known her as Aunt E. We weren't close to either Grandfather or Aunt E.
Mum's mum never officially married her next partner but he, Papa, was around from the day i was born, and longer before that, so they were like an old married couple lol.

I don't know if when you're a kid you're should have favourites when it comes to family members but i certainly had mine and they still reamin my favourites in my heart. Papa (mum's stepdad) and Granddad (my stepdad's dad). We lived with granddad for a couple of years. I don't have many memories of him apart from me always helping or perhaps being a hindrance lol at his place of work. He was a part of my life for many years but the memories are scarce.

Memories of Papa are more. From climbing the mulberry tree and picking the delicious fruits to him watching and sideline coaching my hockey team, we had some great times.

Sadly i don't have any living grandfathers now. My children were lucky to spend a few years with Papa and we have plenty of photo's from their time together.

Since we've moved to our little church i've self adopted a 5th granddad. You may think me weird lol but i think i may be missing a grandfather figure in my life, or even a father figure although i have my loving stepdad who i am close to but he lives in a different state. So my 5th granddad is a lovely neighbour who has many grandfatherly traits. He adores my munchkins, and indulges us with his passion for cooking. He's always around when help or advice is needed. He's full of knowledge and has the kindest heart. I couldn't ask for a better stand in granddad :)

Until next time