Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter is on it's way

Easter has been on it's way since Christmas ended! I've not fallen into the trap of buying hot cross buns before the actual event, nor chocolate eggs. This is probably because my little family doesn't celebrate Easter like others do. My children don't believe in the magic of the Easter Bunny. The tooth fairy is more of a novelty and i'm happy with that. Also, being pagan means we do our celebrating in the springtime.

The magic was certainly there when i was younger. My granddad and i made easter baskets at his place of work and they were always miraculously filled with eggs on Easter Sunday. My mum always left a candy egg (my favourite for the past 30 years) in all sorts of places for me on the day. We never actually celebrated the day like we do Christmas or birthdays. I guess not following any religion meant we didn't do all sorts of things others may have over the easter period but getting a basketful of chocolate from a never to be seen being made it all fun :)

In saying that though, my little family still do the chocolate egg giving during April. I don't think chocolate of any form would stay put in the cupboard for 5 months waiting for spring to come lol. My children recieve an egg of their choice, most years it's the humpty dumpty egg, aswell as a pair of winter pj's. We also do a little decorating as any reason to do a little creating is right up our ally ;) It’s nice to brighten up the home for different reasons and gives the visitors something new to look at. So yesterday I donned my easter bonnet lol and arranged some easter novelties in a corner of our home. Simple, minimal but bright.

Until next time
Happy Easter, however you and your family celebrate it :)