Friday, April 29, 2011

He who is bored...

...starts to demolish house!

I’ve said we weren’t going to do any major renovating on the Church atleast until after winter. Well one bored hubby and a long weekend changed that. We’ve removed 3 quaters of an outer wall and replaced it with a window. It’s nowhere near finished but it’s weather and vermin proof :) The inside wall needs to be replaced too. The absence of a reasonable priced hardware store means we have to work with the limited materials we have until shopping day in the next town and that’s not for another 3-4 weeks lol.

When we took over the place, there were bees in the front wall. They’d have to have been there for many months as half the wall was covered in honeycomb and oozing with honey so much so that the wall was bulging. Unfortunately we couldn’t bottle the honey as many chemicals had been used to try to deter and kill the bees. Pulling the wall off and disposing of the comb was the only way to get the bees to leave. This meant hubby had to suit up and go in for the attack one night while the bees were mildly quiet. He pulled the outside wall off scrapped most of the comb off and came out unscathed and the bees disappeared within a week.

We did want to put a sunroom/portico at the front but plans would have had to be submitted and in reality there isn't a lot of room between the front of the church and the front fence. We've settled for a bigger window for lots of light and we’ll put a small verandah on with the same pitched roof as the house roof.

We had hoped to keep the weather board but again we are using what we have and that is blue corrugated iron. Maybe down the track we will replace with weatherboard. We're here for a long time so who knows what could happen ;)

Until next time