Monday, January 31, 2011

The bus

A quick bus update.

Hubby has been spending every spare minute he has working on the bus, and lately that hasn't been much but i give him credit, bus renovations are on the top of his list, my threat still stands lol. I wish he would stop changing his mind about things though, he's worse then a woman lol

The cupboard is the start of the kitchen area. There will be a sink and a cooktop on this bench. We've decided not to have an under bench stove. It wouldn't get a lot of use to be honest and having a door that opens downwards isn't ideal in this small space.

It might not look too fantastic yet but it's definately taking shape, albeit slowly.

Oh, he got himself a new (recycled) drivers seat. More comfortable then the previous one (don't have a photo of the old one)