Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blessed Lammas

The 1st harvest celebration of the year aswell as the marking of the end of summer (i don't think summer is going anywhere in a hurry around here lol)

It wasn't much of a celebration here this time. I was preoccupied with the girls 1st day of school and to be honest, it crept up on me too quick.

Anyway, i made a loaf of bread but i cheated and did it in the breadmaker. It was just too hot to have the oven on.

I didn't get to make a corn dolly, as i didn't plant any corn at the farm last season. I am looking forard to when i can make one, i've not made one before but they look grand.

We had a simple meal of vegies, not home grown unfortunately but from the local fruit and veg shop which in my opinion is just as good.
As you have read, it was a very quiet day but still enjoyable for me :)

Until next time