Saturday, January 30, 2010


I know of a few people who are decluttering their homes. Ridding themselves of items they haven't used for a year or more. I did a bit of decluttering myself when i was packing boxes for our move to a new home. Not only does it make the home more spacious and neater, it gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing someone else will benefit from your clutter, well hopefully ;)

I wonder if anyone's decluttering was as big as what my hubby got rid of? I don't think anyone will benefit from this lot, although i was told the door on the Dodge will be going to a collector, the rest, well, it's giong to wherever scrap metal goes. I probably don't want to know, it'll be adding to landfill somewhere along the line :(

By the end of February he'll have decluttered more car bodies, machinery and large bits and bobs, not just our clutter but those who have lived here before us. If this keeps up i'll want to move back to our farm, it's looking like a new home lol

Until next time