Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

I've said it before on this blog, we're not big on celebrating Easter at this time of the year but Happy Easter to you all if you are.

My mum has done well in her quest in keeping her 30 year old tradition going. I received my sugar candy egg, or rather eggs. Normally it's one big egg but this year she couldn't find the big ones in the supermarkets so 2 packets of little ones did the job well. They weren't hidden in the cereal bowl cupboard like they were when i was younger! 
My candy eggs have never been as fancy as the one in the picture below, but they've been just as colourful and sure are yummy!

The munchkins got a small stash from neighbours as well as their pyjama's (our Easter in March/April tradition) and an egg of choice from us. The man of the house and i splurged on afl pyjama pants which will keep us cozy while watching Friday and Saturday night football on telly :)

Until next time


Heart Sister said...

That sure is a fancy egg!!
Do you know something? I had NEVER heard of the PJ tradition for Easter till this year!! Happy cosy PJs!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend at the Rodeo!