Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's Growing in MY Garden

A quick posting to share with you some of the produce growing in my garden :)



Logan Berries


Fig (not yet producing but i'm proud of the tree so i had to share hehe



Until next time
What's growing in your garden?


Hana Marmota said...

Nothing right now, as we have autumn/winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. In summer, we have lots and lots of cherries on one cherry tree, a few apples on an apple tree and occasional red and black currant and gooseberry (this summer we had more gooseberries than usual, and most of them were, I think, eaten straight from the tree by my father. He loves them.)

Tammy James said...

Hi ,

: ) All those little forming fruits are looking great.
You are the winner of the grunge board artwork in my give away : ) can you please contact me with your address details?

Katidids said...

AH! Winter is settng in here and you have my mouht watering for fresh fruit. Great variety you have growing